Concentrated Sterilising Solution


Proud® Paints Sterilising Solution is our own Biocide resin, that is easy to apply and has been created to destroy any existence of mould, blackspot & Algae, prior to painting. When diluted with 5 litres of water, it covers over 40m2. Once applied you have a 5-6 week window of time to paint your walls or ceilings.

Proud® Paints advises that you always prep your surface prior to painting, so use Proud® Sterilising Solution prior to painting over blackspot/ mould or algae. Proud Paints Sterilising Solution offers your home the ultimate surface preparation prior to painting your room. Our Sterilising solution ensures high quality finishes that last for longer, making homes look beautiful for life and living.

  • Destroys Mould & Blackspot
  • Washover the mould
  • Excellent biocide
  • Easy to Apply
  • 240ml dilutes with 5L water
  • Coverage 40m2
  • Absorbed into substrate
  • Water based
  • Colourless
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 0.24L