Smooth Exterior Masonry Paint – Fairy Tale (359)


Our smooth Masonry finish is easy to apply and has been uniquely created with you the customer in mind, our paints offer your home or business the ultimate protection from extreme weather elements for up to 30 years. Our smooth masonry finish paint provides confident colours for confident work which ensure high quality finishes that last for longer, making homes look beautiful for life and living.

  • Up to 30 years’ life expectancy
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering
  • Excellent Anti-Carbonation Properties
  • Exceptional coverage – Excellent opacity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High UV resistance for a lasting appearance
  • Waterproof & blister proof – will not crack or flake
  • Dirt repellent, resistant to fungal growth
  • Extremely high moisture vapour permeability- Allows building to breath
  • Excellent salt, alkali and acid resistance
  • Protects against oil & grease
  • Elastomeric & exceptionally flexible
  • Film resists cracking & moves with the substrate
  • Bright white colour is non-yellowing and enhances lux values