If you are looking for the best paint, look no further. Berger Express Painting is a service all-rounder in home painting, waterproofing and wood coating solutions. Enjoy a hassle-free paint job today!

Interior Wall Paints

If you cannot settle for anything but the best when it comes to home interiors, you have come to the right place! Berger Paints India offers a wide collection of interior wall paints.

Exterior Wall Paints

When you are thinking of exterior home painting, you can never go wrong with the best exterior wall paints and texture finishes by Berger Paints India.

Metal Finishes

It is formulated with specially modified PU Alkyd Based Resins to get an excellent durable finish with superior gloss and high gloss retention. It is easy to apply and suitable for metal, wood, masonry surfaces and interior surfaces.

Wood Finishes

From smooth finish to glossy shine and long lasting life, Berger Paints India has an exquisite range of wood finishes for every wooden surface in your home.


For the best finish, always use the right primer for the job at hand.  Whether it’s wood, metal, MDF or a troublesome stain, we have the right primer for you.  Just browse down and choose what’s right for your surface.

Waterproofing Solutions

The water based product comprises of special quality acrylic polymer along with reinforcing fibres, which after curing, forms a brilliant white coloured, durable, seamless membrane-like waterproof coating over the applied surface & thus puts off further water penetration.