Proud Paints Inspiring homes to be unique, providing long lasting paint finishes. To those who appreciate superior, long lasting quality and timeless style, Proud® Paints sets the standard in paints. Combining innovative paint technologies with contemporary colours and finishes, that’s why we can offer a 30 Year life span.

Exterior Paint

Proud® Paints exterior masonry paint offers supreme protection ensuring a longer lasting quality and timeless style, that’s why only we can offer a 30 Year life span. For those who appreciate superior decorative finish paint, at Proud® Paints we ensure homes stay beautiful for life and living.

Anti Mould Paint

Proud® Paints 20 year life span Anti-Mould & Blackspot Paint is a highly effective decorative interior paint for areas subject to mould, fungus and algae. Mould cannot grow on the paint film for the 20 year life span. Excellent decorative paint for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and any areas prone to mould. Creates a thermal barrier to internal walls and ceilings that experience varying temperatures.

Sterilising Solution

 It is a durable, weatherproof, UV resistant chalk paint specifically developed to protect and transform your garden and inside furniture. Frenchic Al Fresco is self-priming, self-sealing, self-levelling with an almost flat matte finish. Low in VOC, it is suitable for wood, laminate, UPVC, composites, ceramics, metal.

Masonry Stabiliser

Proud® Paints Masonry sealer meets our exceptional mark of Assurance, Strength, Protection, Peace of mind, and Confident workmanship that supports a perfect finish every time.